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Why Choose Us?

Hear is some important information on the skills and experience our staff possess and are able to hep you with All our Staff are professional and certified, they are specialized and will make sure, your time spent in the salon will be worth your money spent


There is no other way to take your troubles away than a massage and our staff are highly skilled in face and body massages to ensure you get the rest, relaxation and tranquility you need.

Facial therapy

Face Therapy – Facials and face massages are undeniably relaxing and soothing and help refresh you after the daily stress and challenges of life. All our staff are experienced in this area and are also able to guide you to ensure the right products are being used for your skin type and texture.

Hair Colour

Changing the colour of your hair is able to give you a completely new outlook, character and more importantly bring out your facial features. We use the best makes of colours in the market , namely Matrix, and are also able to provide you with guidance and advice when taking this big step towards a new you!

Hair Styling

At the top of any woman list is the hair style she chooses and at Anchor we are able to provide you with the look or change that you need.  We think outside the box and provide you with ideas in this very important aspect of your persona. 

Mani – Pedis

Another of the ladies favourites, this procedure is done for a variety of reasons such as hygiene, looks and style with the different nail art also available at our saloon. In addition, our staff are able to deal with challenges of calluses, rough skin , ingrown nails, etc. to ensure you not only look good but feel great too. To top it off our services in this area end with a short massage to ensure the final burst of relaxation.